Five Summer Outfit Ideas for Couples Shoots in Miami

May 18, 2021

Summer is here… and with it comes the HEAT!

The heat can definitely affect what you want to wear for your couples shoots. You want to make sure you’re comfortable in the heat and cover for any possible sweat stains (Florida is HOT and HUMID, sweat is inevitable). 

One of the top questions we receive from our couples is what they should wear for their shoots.

So, I’ve been searching Pinterest and found 5 of my favorite summer outfit combos. I hope these inspire you for your summer shoots!


1. Jeans + T-shirt or Tank Top

This super casual and classic outfit idea gives off cool and casual vibes. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt or tank top. You can go barefoot to make the shoot extra casual or wear some block heels and sneakers to dress it up a bit.

2. Midi-Length Dress + Hat and Pants + Short Sleeve Button-Up Top

You can’t go wrong with the midi dress + hat combination. It’s always SO cute and a loose and light dress will keep you cool throughout the shoot. Your partner can dress in a button-up short sleeve top and some pants. Simple, cool, and stylish!

3. A Long-Sleeve Short Dress and Pants Rolled Up + T-Shirt

If you want to go with a shorter dress, these loose long sleeve dresses are so great! You can have a lot of fun running around in this dress and the sleeves add some style. Your partner can wear pants rolled up to keep it casual and perfect for the summer and a t-shirt or short-sleeve button-up.

4. Shorts + T-Shirt

If you love the look of denim and want a casual look but can’t think about spending in an hour in full-length jeans, shorts are perfect for you! You can pair your shorts with a simple t-shirt or a loose blouse. Your partner can also be in shorts and a t-shirt. If you’re at a beach, this is the perfect outfit to get into the water and have some fun on your shoot!

5. Bathing Suits!

This is obviously the outfit combo that is going to keep you the MOST cool! If you’re comfortable being in a bathing suit and you’re having your shoot at a location with water, this is a perfect choice. Throw on your favorite bathing suit and have fun with your love in the water. Nothing says summer like a bathing suit!

I hope these helped you get inspired for your summer couples session! Comment down below which outfit combo is your favorite!

Summer Couples Photoshoot Outfits

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